//Eco-Smart Pro Series (600~1300 m3/h) Heat Energy Recovery Ventilators

Eco-Smart Pro Series (600~1300 m3/h) Heat Energy Recovery Ventilators

  • DC motor
  • 10 speeds
  • Physical filtering
  • Energy recovery
  • EPS structure
  • Durable
  • Good insulation
  • Easy access
  • Silent operation
  • Bypass function
  • Energy saving
  • Smart control
  • Filter alarm
  • Central control
  • IAQ monitor




Higher Energy Efficiency and Ecology by Powerful Motors
Full series Eco Smart energy recovery ventilator are built with higher efficiency brushless DC motors, power consumption is reduced by up to 70%, resulting in significant energy saving. VSD control is suitable for most of the projects air volume and ESP requirement.
Higher efficiency with 3rd generation enthalpy exchangerThe 3rd generation enthalpy exchanger is made of the latest nanofiber structure to ensure higher efficiency. The heat exchange materials are mildew resistance and fire retardant.


New primary filter
New primary filter is made of aluminium alloy frame and rubber filtration materials with nicer appearance and longer service life.
Sub-HEPA F9 Filter integrated optional Optional sub HEPA F9 filter, particle diameter under 2.5μm can be filtered effectively, IAQ (indoor air quality) will be
increased obviously.
Good thermal insulationThe whole series are integrated with EPS structure, effectively preventing condensation, and improving thermal insulation and saving energy consumption.
New compact structure
New airflow channels are to increase heat exchange surface and improve energy recovery efficiency.
Easy maintenance
• Regular access door is for maintenance of primary filter, PM2.5 filter and heat exchangers.
• Increase two professional access doors for the control and fan maintenance.

Controllers for option


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