Experience natural fresh air indoors while caring for the environment and your wallet.

To create a safe and green air environment, you need to install a passive ventilation system. You’ll not only save thousands each year, but you’ll improve the quality of your internal climate whilst doing your bit for the environment too.

Insufficient levels of insulation and air tightness contribute to health risk problems, excessive air pollutants as well as soaring domestic energy bills. The challenge is to provide fresh air, whilst at the same time maintaining an energy efficient building and that’s where our system solutions come in.

Well designed roof and wall insulation are the most cost-effective measures to reduce energy bills and reduce carbon footprint, however, good levels of insulation do not bring a building up to reasonable levels of air tightness. A draughty house not only is uncomfortable to live in, but warm air leaking out of the house further adds to the energy bills. The way to address these draughts is to make a house airtight, thereby reducing heat loss.

For a truly innovative solution to the ever growing problem of poor air quality within homes and buildings, look no further than Vents ventilation Solutions.

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