Vents Aus began supplying quality ventilation systems for residential and commercial markets in 2008 and take pride in the marketing superior ventilation technology.

The management team is complimented by some 25 years of experience operating in the ventilation industry. Through the years, we’ve observed the changes in building construction and the growing trend for home and office environments to be designed to minimise energy losses

Airtight Homes & Work Environments are prone and susceptible to being polluted and contaminated by the materials used in construction and everyday living activities.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy efficiency values are routinely comprised by reticulating indoor air systems. Vents Aus Air Exchange Technology circulates Fresh Bio Filtered, Dehumidified air to maintain a healthy home & work environment.

Based in Armadale, Melbourne, Vents Aus are more than just ventilation equipment suppliers. Above all else our goal to educate customers both residential and commercial, of the increased Health & Energy Savings achieved by the Vents Aus “Open System” Ventilation Technology.

  • Smart Green energy-efficient technology
  • Micro filtration that cleans, purifies & dehumidifies supply air volumes
  • Circulates Fresh Bio Filtered air to optimise oxygen circulation
  • Constantly exhausts stale, oxygen depleted, polluted air from indoors
  • Positive indoor airflows minimise dust and pollen infiltration
  • Compliments Passive Energy Footprint
  • All ventilation systems are tailored to suit your home or commercial environment – whether or not you leave windows or doors open, our ventilation systems can function in closed areas efficiently.