We suffered the debilitating effects of excess moisture for months on end and tried several Band-Aid remedies with no result. Eco Air Systems literally changed our lives by getting rid of our excess moisture problems permanently.

Ian Chaplain, Camberwell

I just wanted to let you know that since having subfloor ventilation installed my kids have NOT been sick You are not going to stop the common cold, but the baby doesn’t get croup anymore.

My eldest son hasn’t had asthma and my middle son has only had asthma once. I cannot rave to people enough about how much this simple solution has saved my family’s health.

Jo D, Bayles

This past winter, only two years since it was built, our apartment developed excessive condensation, mould and stagnant, heavy air. The room that was most affected was our newborn baby’s room which we then weren’t able to use for fear of her becoming sick due to the mould. 

After being forced to put up with it for months, we were finally able to get Eco Air Systems to install our vent a couple of weeks ago. The change we noticed within just a couple of hours of the vent being installed was amazing. My husband came home from work and noticed a difference in the air quality as soon as he walked in the front door. My now almost 6 month old baby’s room temperature now stays within a range of a few degrees regardless of if it’s a super hot day or a cold night and we’ve been able to move her into her own room without fear of her breathing in mould spores. Needless to say we all sleep better because of it. 

Brent and Haydn have been so helpful through the whole process, even helping us put together a proposal for our owners’ committee to allow us to install the vent. When we were finally able to go ahead with installation they went out of their way to come and install it as soon as possible which we are so grateful for.

Lisa F, Bayles