//Vents VUE2 150 P EC COMFO

Vents VUE2 150 P EC COMFO

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Thermal Heat Energy

The suspended air handling unit VUE2 150 P EC Comfo is the fully-featured ventilation unit which ensures air filtration, fresh air supply and stale air extract.

The thermal heat energy and latent moisture energy contained in extract air are transferred to supply air in two plate heat exchangers. Suitable for integration into various ventilation and air conditioning networks.

The unit is featured with extremely low noise level due to the fans located between two heat exchangers as well as EC motor technology. Low energy demand and high heat recovery efficiency of the units meet the strict energy saving market demands. Compatible with round Ø 125 mm air ducts.

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Made of double-skinned aluzinc, internally filled with 20 mm mineral wool heat- and sound-insulating layer.


Supply and extract air flows are purified through two bag filters with filtering class G4.


The unit is equipped with a supply and exhaust centrifugal fan with backward curved blades and integrated overheating protection thermostat with automatic restart. The motors and the impellers are dynamically balanced in two planes.

Heat exchangers

The heat exchangers of polymerized cellulose are designed to recuperate both sensible and latent energy from extract air to warm up supply air. These heat exchangers are frost-proof and produce no condensate.

The units with polymerized paper heat exchangers are recommended for use in air conditioned premises. The heat exchangers are treated with a special antibacterial composition.

Control and automation

The unit is equipped with an integrated automation system controlled with a multifunctional wall mounted control panel or wireless remote controller (included into the delivery).

Control and protection function:
Switching the unit on/off.
Three fan speeds. Each speed is adjustable during setup.
Alarm signal input from the fire alarm system.
Heat exchanger freezing protection actuated by switching the supply fan off for the period required for the heat exchanger defrosting.
Relay input for connection of a CO2 sensor, IAQ sensor or any other sensor, which switches the unit to the maximum speed.
Filter clogging control by the motor meter.
Weekly scheduled operation setup.

Controllable ventilation on demand:
The unit is equipped with a contact for relay input signal from an external sensor. The unit operation controlled by an external sensor, i.e. CO2 sensor, provides significant energy saving.

Operation logic based on the unit operation controlled by a CO2 sensor:
When a flat is empty, the CO2 concentration is low and no intensive ventilation is required. The unit operates at minimum speed to ensure permanent ventilation. When people come to the flat, the CO2 concentration increases and the sensor closes the relay contact and sends a signal to the unit. The unit switches to high speed and operates in this mode until the CO2 concentration drops and the relay contact is opened. After that the unit reverts to the previous operation mode.

To arrange this operating logic connect a sensor with a relay-controlled output to the respective unit input.


The unit is designed for suspended ceiling mounting in balcony, storeroom, basement, attic and other auxiliary premises. The unit is also suitable for installation in major premises directly to the ceiling, behind the false ceiling or in the ceiling recess. Access for servicing and cleaning through the bottom panel.


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