Air pollutants and greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, are a direct result of human activity that raises the earth’s temperature. Climate change also increases the production of allergenic air pollutants including mould and mildew. Damp conditions caused by extreme weather and increased flooding also increases pollen production.

This imbalance in the atmosphere distributes an invisible film of poisonous toxins into our airways, both indoors and outdoors.

With the widespread use of motor vehicles, gasoline, petroleum products, cooking equipment and other fossil fuel-powered devices, air pollution in Australia is a significant threat to our wellbeing. Pollution enters the air from more places than you may think. It comes from paint, cleaning products, air fresheners, kitchen emissions, mould and even outdoor air conditioner units.

It’s therefore more important than ever to know how to protect your family from polluted air.

Below is a partial list of products made from Petroleum (144 of 6000 items)

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest (over half) is used to make things like:
Solvents Diesel fuel Motor Oil Bearing Grease
Ink Floor Wax Ballpoint Pens Football Cleats
Upholstery Sweaters Boats Insecticides
Bicycle Tires Sports Car Bodies Nail Polish Fishing lures
Dresses Tires Golf Bags Perfumes
Cassettes Dishwasher parts Tool Boxes Shoe Polish
Motorcycle Helmet Caulking Petroleum Jelly Transparent Tape
CD Player Faucet Washers Antiseptics Clothesline
Curtains Food Preservatives Basketballs Soap
Vitamin Capsules Antihistamines Purses Shoes
Dashboards Cortisone Deodorant Shoelace Aglets
Putty Dyes Panty Hose Refrigerant
Percolators Life Jackets Rubbing Alcohol Linings
Skis TV Cabinets Shag Rugs Electrician’s Tape
Tool Racks Car Battery Cases Epoxy Paint
Mops Slacks Insect Repellent Oil Filters
Umbrellas Yarn Fertilizers Hair Coloring
Roofing Toilet Seats Fishing Rods Lipstick
Denture Adhesive Linoleum Ice Cube Trays Synthetic Rubber
Speakers Plastic Wood Electric Blankets Glycerin
Tennis Rackets Rubber Cement Fishing Boots Dice
Nylon Rope Candles Trash Bags House Paint
Water Pipes Hand Lotion Roller Skates Surf Boards
Shampoo Wheels Paint Rollers Shower Curtains
Guitar Strings Luggage Aspirin Safety Glasses
Antifreeze Football Helmets Awnings Eyeglasses
Clothes Toothbrushes Ice Chests Footballs
Combs CD’s & DVD’s Paint Brushes Detergents
Vaporizers Balloons Sun Glasses Tents
Heart Valves Crayons Parachutes Telephones
Enamel Pillows Dishes Cameras
Anesthetics Artificial Turf Artificial limbs Bandages
Dentures Model Cars Folding Doors Hair Curlers
Cold cream Movie film Soft Contact lenses Drinking Cups
Fan Belts Car Enamel Shaving Cream Ammonia
Refrigerators Golf Balls Toothpaste Gasoline

Health Risks

Highly polluted air can contain high levels of carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and sulphur dioxide that impair the ability for blood to carry oxygen. These toxins in your airways can increase the likelihood of asthma attacks and other respiratory conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease. 

Evidence has also been uncovered that exposure to air pollution over long periods of time can have negative impacts on cognitive function (namely, mental processes such as memory, reasoning and judgment).

Protect Your Home

Many people make the mistake of believing that standard air conditioner and furnace filters remove toxins, poisons and improve air quality. These filters do nothing to remove VOCs, pathogens and microorganisms that can adversely affect your health. These standard paper filters are really designed to protect your HVAC equipment from dust and debris rather than improve air quality and protect your lungs.

If this is left ignored, mould and mildew may grow and deadly refrigerant could also leak. You may find yourself in a situation where, rather than having clean air, your Heating & Cooling Systems are just reticulating around toxic contaminants.

Protect Your Home and Family: Speak to our Filtered Air Specialists in Melbourne

You may have never heard of the need to inspect your air conditioner’s health. Eco Air Systems have various ventilation solutions to help you protect your family from indoor air pollution.

Contact one of our filtered air specialists in Melbourne today and we’ll start working on making sure your family is protected from indoor air pollution.

We’re able to sample your home’s air quality to ensure it’s safe, develop a sustainable way to treat mould and mildew and completely install a high quality home ventilation system making sure your home’s air quality stays clean.

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